The Carpet Cleaning Man Hobart is a wholly Tasmanian locally owned and operated family business. Originally started by Stuart H. The business changed hands in March 2015.

Now owned by husband and wife, Jeremy & Dimity and complimented by their existing Hobart based business Clean Commerce. The Carpet Cleaning Man will continue servicing the greater Hobart, Tasmania area for many years to come.

With over 5 years experience in the cleaning and textile industry, you can rest assured that when you call The Carpet Cleaning Man Hobart you’re calling a Hobart local with the knowledge to care for your particular needs.

UPDATE 28/10/2015 “The Carpet Cleaning Man” trading name has been lost in a comedy of errors with ASIC. As such we have had to change the name.
We have taken the opportunity to combine Clean Commerce and The Carpet Cleaning Man under one banner.


Carpet cleaning Hobart

That banner is Mess Boss. Bad Mess, Get the Boss.


carpet cleaning Hobart

Our name says it all, we clean carpet and we do it brilliantly. Regular carpet cleaning not only promotes a healthier home environment but extends the life of the carpet.

Pet contamination, specialised stain treatment and odour issues are available.

Call us for carpet cleaning Hobart & surrounds today to make a booking or send us an email.

upholstery cleaning Hobart

Upholstered furniture accumulates dirt and grime at a prodigal rate and should be cleaned on a regular basis just like carpet.

Not only is it healthier, just like carpet, it will extend the life of your furniture.

So if in need of upholstery cleaning in Hobart, give us a call or send us an email.

tile & grout cleaning Hobart

Often an overlooked item, tile & grout cleaning will dramatically improve the appearance of your tiled areas.

Using highly effective cleaning products & high pressure rinsing we will dislodge the built up dirt and grime that even the most vigorous mopping does not shift. All without leaving your floors drowning in water!

Not only do we clean but we can also perform small grout repairs and even colour seal the grout to give a fresh new look!

pressure washing Hobart

Thanks to our highly versatile machinery we can even pressure wash your driveway, paths, tennis courts, outdoor dining areas & many other areas.

Not only that but approximately 98% of the water is captured & held in our machineries recovery tank where we can then direct it to the sewer for proper treatment prior to release into our waterways.


Phone: 0417 345 521 Email: help@messboss.com

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